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Ask her out.

I want to challenge all the single men out there to ask a girl out on a date for this coming weekend. Drinks. Dinner. Ice Skating (If it happens to be  frozen where you are.) Just make sure it is an activity where you can talk. Movies are not an option for the first through third date.

It is my personal opinion that men are not asking women out on dates enough. Talking via technology is not a way to start a relationship. The only technology that should be used is your phone to call and ask for the date and arrange plans. Save the talking for in person. (No asking someone on a date via Texting. That is lame.)

It is also my personal opinion that women should say yes to every first date they are asked on. You never know when the right guy will come along.  So be a nice, classy lady and say yes. Go on the date. If you don’t feel sparks flying then don’t agree for a second date. It is that simple. And you might even get a free meal out of the deal. That is very economical, right?

Go forth and conquer the dating world. Anyone going to take my advice? or have thoughts on my thoughts?


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