My POV on Dating

It is my mission to get people out there dating again.

My philosophy: Get out there and meet people. You see a cute guy or gal – go introduce yourself. Talk to them and decide if you enjoy them. If so… ask the other one out on a Date. Coffee or dinner or an activity where you can continue to talk. There are only 2 outcomes after a date 1) you want to spend more time with the person or 2) you don’t. Make the choice and don’t look back. Then get out there and introduce yourself to the next cute guy or gal who comes your way. Eventually you will find Love.

We need to spend more time dating people. Not dating as we know it now… dating as it used to be. Lunch with one person. Dinner with another person. Dinner the next night with another person. Taking the time to meet a lot of people until you finally find one to make it exclusive with. Everyone is always looking for the next relationship they can jump into. We define ourselves based on if we are in a long-term relationship. But why just jump into one to say you have a girlfriend/boyfriend. Date. Don’t only explore one option at a time.

It seems that we have deemed people who go out with multiple people “players” or “sluts,” but that is also because we assume everyone is going to go to dinner and then to bed together. That needs to stop. We need to start dating to date. Then eventually you will find someone who is worth being the only one you date.

My dream for this blog is to be an open forum on dating and love life. We all need to chip in and help each other out. Whether you are single, in a relationship or married – We need to hear everyone’s advice and input on the topics proposed. This will allow people to make educated decisions in their love life and find the right person for them. No one should settle in life, especially in love.