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Flowers. Just do it. Have them delivered to her at work, or class, etc. Somewhere other people will see them. It is always the best feeling when someone walks by notices you have been sent flowers. It is definitely a “Hey, my boyfriend rocks moment.” Women LOVE to “brag” without having to actually say anything.

I am not a fan of Roses. I think they are extremely predictable. (Unless your lady loves roses of course.) Try an arrangement of other pink and red colored flowers if you are going for a Valentine’s Day theme. I personally love a mix of all colors and variety.

The good news is… if you send flowers, it won’t matter what they look like, because she will love them!



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A Classic Date

Photograph: D Stephen Smith


I am always a sucker for a romantic dinner, as I am sure many other ladies are. And ladies, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Dinner doesn’t have to be anything fancy (But I am not talking Mac Do either) {Sidenote: Mac Do = McDonald’s}

With this Classic V-Day date you have 2 options…

Go Out: Make a reservation for your favorite restaurant. Fancy or Not. Maybe go to the place you had your first date or the place that has his/her favorite food. Another great option is to try something new. A new restaurant in your town or a place you have always wanted to try but never made the time.

Tips for making your date extra special –

  • Even if you are going to a chain restaurant… Dress to the nines. It shouldn’t matter what the location is you should dress to impress your date. (Don’t know what the appropriate date outfits are… check back in after Valentine’s Day for a lesson. Until then, ask your sister or a friend what to wear.)
  • Order something unusual off the menu. (Unless of course you are recreating a memorable meal from the past.) Try a new appetizer that you normally wouldn’t. Usually a Mozzarella Sticks couple, go for the Calamari. Or one of you order something adventurous and the other order something safe. That way you can have a new experience, but still have something to fill you up if you end up not liking it.
  • Order Dessert. I know a LOT of people who skip dessert, usually to save the calories and the cash money… but in case you didn’t already know calories don’t count on holidays and it is worth the extra splurge. (Chocolate is an aphrodisiac.)

Stay In: Want to really impress your date, then cook them a gourmet meal in your own kitchen. Buy a nice white table-cloth and bust out your best dishes and get a couple of candles for the middle of the table.  You don’t need rose petals or anything crazy (But bonus points for going all out… just no glitter because that is tacky.) You could also cook dinner together. (A personal favorite for me and the Bif)

Here are some great recipe ideas to cook for your honey –

(Recipes courtesy of foodnetwork.com – My  favorite channel)

If you consider yourself a classic romantic this could be the best way to go this Valentine’s Day. A tip for the men –  how about we ask these women out for a Valentine’s Day Dinner. (And even if you are married… you should still ask her out, don’t just assume – She still wants to be asked.)


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13 days to prepare!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching so it is time to get ourselves ready! I know what you are thinking “Valentine’s Day is something Hallmark made up… blah blah blah.” I disagree completely. I LOVE Valentine’s Day. It is such a nice way to celebrate your significant other, kids, parents or a dear friend. I firmly believe that everyone needs to be told they are loved EVERY SINGLE DAY! And Valentine’s Day is the one day a year strictly devoted to celebrating love. I say go all out.

So the next 13 days I will be sharing ideas for making your significant other (& anyone else who is important to you) have the best Valentine’s Day to date.

Do I have any other Valentine’s Day lovers out there?



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